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Milanese buttonhole

Inspired by the Milanese buttonhole, the hand-craftsmanship of our tailor turns silk thread into a buttonhole that becomes a signature.

Italian pocket

An Italian chest pocket is made with the spirit of perfect imperfection. The shape is asymmetrical, but the silhouette is a true art.

Italian dressing style

Every traditional detail can be reinvented for a personal style.


The Japanese are very original in their taste. It makes a bold statement for the adventurous man when developed by SIRTailor.

Collar and placket front

Collar and placket front stand tall as the sign of a high quality shirt.


Sloping and very light shoulders are what we love. The feeling of wearing a light jacket is just like a second shirt, creating a natural male silhouette.

Suit coat

This extreme experiment in the design and proportions of a suit coat can deliver a strong and even slightly startling impression. In the sartorial world, things like this should happen sometimes.