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About Us

Three guys through connections got to know each other nearly a decade ago. What they have in common is much more than just a shared passion for bespoke tailoring. To the pride that they have in Vietnamese craftsmanship, they are adding style and design.

So here we are, ambitiously determined to take the lead. The journey started in Saigon in 2013. In the pursuit of perfection there are no limits.

for Perfection

We left our footprint around the world, and especially in Savile Row & Pitti Uomo. We sourced the finest materials to make the best. And most importantly we found the right people to create a centre of craftsmanship.


With a long manufacturing history in the textile and garment industry, SIRTailor is built on more than 20 years of making shirts in Vietnam for renowned European brands. Now over 1000 made-to-measure and bespoke shirts are being delivered every week, meeting the uncompromising standards of our partners in Switzerland and Italy.

Continuing with connection

Bringing everything together in a beautifully crafted suit – design, style, fabric, construction, stitching, fit – makes parts into a bespoke whole. SIRTailor creates wider business connections too. Joining customers together is part of our mission.


Staying modest but proud of striving, we evolve through experimenting, investing in the newest knowledge, and being hungry for the best we can possibly achieve.